my name is alex. 20 years old, a boy, salvadoreño, and HELLA gay

"this is why i keep my bike frame packed with C4 and never go riding without a detonator inserted into my anus"


I’m high as shit and just debated in my argument class on why weed should be illegal and I won



when your white friends defend you


when you defend your white friends


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Former Marine turned photographer Joel Parés’ series Judging America used real people dressed as stereotypes to remind us to not judge a person based on their tattoos, clothing, ethnicity, profession, or sexual orientation, but on their merits.

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i mean definitely but that doesnt mean poor people arent involved in environmental activism because things that are worse for the environment also tend to be worse for them

of course it doesn’t discount them entirely but most poor people have more immediate matters to attend to. that’s why it’s seen as a very privileged thing; climate change and environmentalism rarely become a critical day-to-day issue until you get to the point where you have smog and acid rain, but that’s an extreme.



im really having a good year and i just wanted to let you guys know whats been helping me feel good because it might be useful to you all whenever you’re feeling down:

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honestly thank you so much allison, that really helped <3 under the cut are things that also help me out when im feeling like that

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i’ve been there so many times, too, you guys. you’ve both really inspired me and i feel like i, too, should share what keeps me going strong when things get tough

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also, on a broader scale, the things that are worst for the environment tend to be the things that poor people have no choice but to use (i.e. burning fuel, inefficient technology, etc). most “environmentally conscious” things are out of reach, realistically speaking, to working class people. smart cars, biking to work (public transit is better, but still), and green so-and-so. that’s not to say it’s not possible to live an environmentally conscious life on a budget, but it takes more time and energy to devote toward that than it does to simply use what’s cheap and abundant.

is bianca getting dragged



do I need to remind baeanca of when she said she’d fuck a sentient tree




sherlock is walking home from bart’s after solving a ridiculously, almost frustratingly simple kidnapping case and his eye catches on a shoebox that looks to have been tossed on the edge of the sidewalk. the box moves a bit. sherlock tilts his head to one side and stops, crouches down, and lifts the lid to peer inside the box and sees a tiny, skinny puppy with eyes that could hardly open yet and short fur that should be white but almost looks a sort of tan color now from dirtiness. sherlock inhales sharply then promptly takes off his scarf, wraps up the puppy, and texts john “Buy dog food” before standing up and walking the rest of the way home to baker street with the puppy held closely against his chest


To feed a dog, obviously. SH

Whose dog?

Ours. SH

Also buy a tasteful collar and bones to help him with teething. SH

On second thought, bones will not be a problem. I will disinfect some we already have lying around. Just the food and collar for now. SH

When will you be home?

In about two minutes. SH

We will talk then.

We are keeping him. SH

I didn’t say we weren’t.